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About Amice
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Room rates per night, including breakfast and taxes:
Single bedroom without balcony (one person)  Euro 40,00
Double bedroom without balcony (two persons)  Euro 55,00
Single bedroom with balcony (one person)  Euro 45,00
Double bedroom with balcony (two persons)  Euro 60,00
  • For reservation for one night, an additional fee of 10 euro will be applicable.
  • The night(s) you are not spending in Guesthouse Amice and you store your luggage in the storeroom, you will not be charged for these night(s). This must already be indicated when booking.
Ways of payment
In Guesthouse Amice it's possible to pay in Euro's, US Dollars and/or in Surinam Dollars.

Guests can settle their account in cash or internet banking.

Payment through internet banking or credit card, the transfer fee will be done on account of the transferor/initiator.

For frequently recurring companies (organizations) an invoice can be formulated.

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